Research & Articles by Lt. Col. Peter Winstanley OAM RFD (Retired), JP
Research, Interviews and Articles about the Prisoners Of War of the Japanese who built the Burma to Thailand railway during world war two. Focusing on the doctors and medical staff among the prisoners. Also organised trips to Thailand twice a year.
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Lt. Col. Peter Winstanley OAM RFD (Retired) JP
Remberance & Anzac Day Addresses
Anzac Day Address 2011 at at Cambrai Village by Peter Winstanley OAM RFD JP
Remembrance Day Address 2010 by Charles Edwards 2/19 Bn and Mrs Diana Bland
Remembrance Day Address 2008 by Norman Anderton 8th Division Signals
Remembrance Day Address 2007 by Captain (Medical Officer) Peter Hendry
Day Hellfire Pass Pipes Band by Kirsty Hastie Smith
Remembrance Day Address 2006 by Major Rowley Richards
John Parkes recollection of the privations of POWs of F Force
Anzac Day Address 2003 at Kanchanaburi Thailand by Bill Haskell
Anzac Day Address 2004 at Kanchanaburi Thailand by Neil MacPherson
Remembrance Day Address 2004 at Hellfire Pass Thailand by Don Lee


Medical Officers (Doctors) on the Burma Thailand Railway
Medical and Dental Officers of �A� Force
Doctor Claude L Anderson
Dr. Claude Andersons medical report 31st January 1943 (PDF)
Brain Tumor Pow Recollections From The Burma Thailand Railway
Captain Stuart Thomlinson Simpson (Dental Officer)
Jack Thorpe’s Recollection Of Lt Col (Later Sir Albert) Coates
Sequel To Jack Thorpe’s Recollection
Lt Col Albert Coates 10 Aust General Hospital
WO 2 Jack Coombe
Lt Col Thomas Hamilton Medical Officer
Random Recollections by J.H. Sherman
Major Syd Krantz, Malaya, “A” Force Burma and Thailand (with obituary)
A Pharmacist as a POW - Sgt Fredric Henry Atherton TX5122
Another Pharmacist as a POW - Bevan Warland-Browne
Captain John Higgin “A” Force (Burma) and Senryu POW Camp Japan
Capt Tom Le Gay Brereton  Medical Officer "A" Force Burma - Impaired vision - 600 Kim march
Ian Campbell's Sgt Signaller-Recollections and Diaries
Captain GD (Don) Cumming Medical Officer “A” Force
Captain Alex White – Medical Officer “A” Force
Captain John S Chalmers perished at sea
Hobbs Alan Francis Major SX 10761 - Diary of events from Pre War in Malaya to his time in Burma end 1942
Medical and Dental Officers of “Dunlop” Force
Major Ewan Corlette
Major Arthur Moon
An Amputee's Story by Syd Howard
Goodnight Melody
Captain Theodore (Tim) Godlee Wx11057
Medical and Dental Officers of “D” Force
Dr. Phil Millard
Major Alan Richard Hazelton
Captain David Clive Critchley Hinder
War Experience of Jack Boon 2/20 Bn
A short account of a not so distinguished army career and Eulogy for Charlie Demllo
Thomas Cunnington - Medical Orderly
Captain Ian Duncan - Medicial Officer
An individual perspective about the Atomic Bomb by Capt David Hinder
Parker William Clement Corporal 2/20 Battalion Aif NX26087
Dentist Captain Jim Finimore “D” Force BTR
Medical and Dental Officers of “F” Force
Captain PIA Peter Hendry
Captain R.L. (Lloyd) Cahill
Captain Roy Markham Mills
Captain Colin Percival Juttner
Captain John Lindsay Taylor MC
The Story of the Australian Flag Captain by Fred Stahl
Morale by Ken Gray
Mates by Ken Gray
Captain Victor Brand MC Medcial Officer
Medical Evacuation On The Kwai Noi River 1943
Bill Armit 2/10 Ord Wksp – “F” Force – died Tanbaya (50 Kilo Camp Burma)
Hassett Ron (Scotty) a Medical Orderly F Force
The Medical Orderlies of Songkurai No 2 Camp As told by Reg Jarman
Capt Frank Cahill - Surgeon "F" Force
A Good Jap Story by Reg Jarman Medical Orderly
Major Roy Stevens –Senior Medical Officer "F" Force
An Amputation in Difficult Circumstances Jack Troedel - Shimo Songkurai
Medical Orderly Corporal Doug Whalley
The Ill-Fated "F" Force by Clive Moore
"F" Force an officers story Lt Norm Dean
Story of "F" Force  by Lt Col Kappe / Captain (Later Sir) Adrian Curlewis
Major Bruce Atlee Hunt - Article
Major Bruce Atlee Hunt - Under The Heel
Major Bruce Atlee Hunt - Medical Report
Medical and Dental Officers of “H” Force
Kevin James Fagan, Am;Mbbs (Syd);Fracs; Frcs.
Captain Macaulay Killick Winchester Dental Officer and POW
Another railway in Sumatra- Harry Badger’s story
Bill Davies (2/18 Battalion) Experiences on the Sumatra Railway
Christiaan Cleef (NEI Air Force) Experiences on the Sumatra Railway.
Sumatra Railway, Singapore, Java and Timor - Lex Milne VX39668 
The Sumatra Story by Hilton Stanton 
Medical and Dental Officers of “K” & "L" Force
K & L Force sent to Thailand to care for the Coolies
FMSVF 3 Field Ambulance Man with "K" Force - George Moser
K Force Medical Officer (Doctor) Captain Tim Hogg 
Bangka Island tribute to Nurses
A Nursing Sisters Account Of Life As A Prisoner by Mavis Hannah
Australian Nurse survivor from Vyner Brook by Pat Gunther
Nurse Florence (Flo) Trotter (married name Syer) captured Banka Island and on Sumatra at the end.
People Who Became Medical Officers and Doctors
8th Div Signaller became Doctor post war by David Rodda
Another signaller who became a Doctor- post War by Ted Esler
Machine Gunner became a Surgeon by Redmund Sheedy
Other Articles
Newcastle Doctors (Medical Officers)
Newcastle Doctors (Medical Officers) Who Were POWs
First Australian Pow Of Japanese - Malayan Campaign 1941-45
Memorial Windows honour Sandakan POWs
2/3 Motor Ambulance Convoy
Lawyers On The Notorious Burma Thailand Railway
POW Lawyers cartoon by Dean Alston
Recovery Of Pows From Macassar By The Hms Maidstone 1945
Machine Gunners on Singapore
Anglo/Burmese family's harsh experiences under Japanese 1942/45
The Percival Report - first published 1948.
The Merchant Navy – Dont overlook it’s contribution
Surviving the sinking of the Rakuyo Maru 
Captain Les Poidevin Medical Officer -Introduction
Captain Les Poidevin Medical Officer -Timor & Java
Obituary to Captain Les Poisdevin
Another signallers story - Arthur Gigger "C" Force Japan
Bell JS 2/19 Battalion POW experiences
Lt Col Norman Eadie - Commanding Officer 2/3 Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) 
Major W.E. (Ted) Fisher.  2 I/C of 2/4 CCS 
Captain Stanley Septimus Pavillard -Straits Settlement
Australian Sailor with RN captured Banka Island by Bob Miller
Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Sam Stening - Medical Officer HMAS Perth - In Japan 42 to 45
Captain Doug Gillies – Timor and Java
Purvis John Prior- Lieutenant - Royal Artillery.  Escape from Singapore.
Astill Kenneth Alexander – NX 72824 Private
Treleaven William Joseph Kinsella Captain (Dentist) 25 Dental Unit – “Ä”Force Burma
Jim Allpike 2/3 & 2/4 Machine gunner
2/3 Machine Gunner Lt Lance Gibson
Paterson William James - Corporal - 2/4 Machine Gun Battalion.
Dutch Sailor who became a Prisoner of the Japanese – Hendrik Dob
Romusha - Thong Yu
Siamese (Thai) Labourer On The Burma Thailand Railway - Khun Nid
Diaries and by Other Authors
Lt Gillon Ronald Griffith VX48828 - Reconstructed Diary 1945-46
Account By Lt John Ross About Dental Officer Capt. John Rosson
Diary of Don Fraser (Died Naoetsu,Japan)
Sandakan Death March - Annihilate them all - by Lynette Silver
Diary of Douglas McGlinn 2/4 Machine Gun Bn Aug 1945 to Jan 1946
Survival on Land and Sea by Arthur (Blood) Bancroft HMAS Perth
A research paper written by Captain Doug Gillies and a Dutch doctor
WW2 has finally ended- by Lt Mary Gibson - formerly Mary Everard
13 Australian General Hospital – the un-official history by Lex Arthurson
2/4 Casualty Clearing Station Unofficial History by Lt Col Thomas Hamilton
Hobbs Alan Francis Major SX 10761 - Diary of events from Pre War in Malaya to his time in Burma end 1942
The Flags of My Father by Whitney H Galbraith (NEW)
A forward to his book Valley of the Shadow available to buy here or on Amazon
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