Research & Articles by Lt. Col. Peter Winstanley OAM RFD (Retired), JP
Research, Interviews and Articles about the Prisoners Of War of the Japanese who built the Burma to Thailand railway during world war two. Focusing on the doctors and medical staff among the prisoners. Also organised trips to Thailand twice a year.
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Walker Henry E (Harry) � Pre War life � 2/2 Pioneer Battalion to Middle East � Fought in Syria � Captured Java � To Burma to build Railway � To Japan � In Omuta Camp 17 at the end of War � Post War life.   Adobe PDF
McMillan Ray RAAF WO2. Contact with Japs 8 December 1941 � Captured on Java � To Burma end of Burma Thai Railway � To Japan � Omuta Camp 17. Microsoft Word  
Ewin Russell W - Lieutenant 8th Division Signals AIF NX76171 � his experiences including 1. Pre-war/enlistment/marriage 2. Singapore/Malaya and 3. Borneo.  

Diary of Sgt Alec Hodgson 2/6 Field Park Royal Australian Engineers - Captured Singapore - With "A" Force to Burma May 42 - To Thailand (Tamarkan) end 43 - Back up the Railway Oct 44 to Jul 45 - Diary ended before August 45.
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Unfortunately this document is very lightly scanned and can be hard to read.

  Adobe PDF
Captain Les Poidevin (Medical Officer) captured Timor 1942 and later on Java.  Of necessity he had to do about 170 major surgical procedures.  Includes detail of some medical treatment he did and something of the other personalities he was incarcerated with. (4mb) Microsoft Word  
'Freeing the Demons' the POW recollections of WO2 A.E.Nellis 9th Coast Regiment Royal Artillery Microsoft Word  
Autobiography of Capt Fred Stahl "F" Force
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  Adobe PDF
Captain Juttner interview by Maj Gen Morrison   Adobe PDF
Signaller John W Trenoweth's experiences as a POW of the Japs   Adobe PDF
The story of John and Ann Berg, Dutch Nationals who became POWs of the Japs Microsoft Word Adobe PDF
A composite story of POWs in Hoten Camp, Mukden, Manchuria Microsoft Word Adobe PDF
World War II As I Saw It - By JOHN H (JOCK) BINGHAM VIEW  
An Account Of The Last Months Of ‘Tommy’ Busine’s Life VIEW  
One Man's Story By James William (Jim) Jacobs -MAJOR 8TH DIVISION SIGNALS Microsoft Word Adobe PDF
World War II Experiences Of Wx 17634 Pete Wally Holding - 2/4 Machine Gun Bn “F”Force Microsoft Word Adobe PDF
No Arguments by Tom McInerney -2/29 Battalion – “F”Force to Thailand. - Mention Major Hunt and Brit Maj Cyril Wild – Songkurai camps lower and upper - Return to Singapore. (NEW) Microsoft Word  
My Soldiering Days by Snow Fairclough Microsoft Word Adobe PDF
Oleg Katarski (NEI Soldier) - An Oral History Microsoft Word Adobe PDF
Willie’s story as a POW (His wife) Microsoft Word Adobe PDF
Mick Kildey (2/10 Field Ambulance) A POW captured in Singapore and sent to Japan as part of J Force.
Microsoft Word Adobe PDF
Sgt FJ Giles story of his life - WW1 And WW2 as a POW(J) - A Force Burma Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
No Time To Cry - The Turbulent Life of the "Fairbridge Kid" by John Lane
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  Adobe PDF
Ian Perry's War- 2/1 Heavy Battery, Artillery- Captured Timor- To Burma Thailand Railway as part 'F' Force - Wardmaster at Tanbaya Hospital Camp.

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  Adobe PDF
“To Hell and Back” - “H”: Force by Major A.E.Saggers 2 I/C Australian Component. Microsoft Word  
George Wiseman’s diary FMSVF – Burma Thai Railway Microsoft Word  
British Medical Officer Major Vincent Bennett  

PDF - 1 PDF - 2 PDF - 3

Timor and Java - the recollections of Lt Harry Medlin  

Microsoft Word

Valley of the Shadow - An Account of American POWs of the Japanese
By Whitney H. Galbraith (NEW)

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